Policy Statement HSE

AppliTek wants to safeguard the environment, the health and safety of its employees, the local population, the customers and the community in its activities and wants to develop an EHS policy that focus on prevention and action.

  • Inform and train all employees and develop the procedures in the work areas that ensure the health (including the psychological and social aspects) of the employees, the safety of the work and the safeguarding of the environment.
  • Comply with legal requirements.
  • Ensure that our employees that visit customers strictly comply with the safety regulations of our customers.
  • Inform customers of the nature and safe and correct use of the delivered products. 
  • Make sure that contractors and suppliers support the same EHS principles in their relations with AppliTek. 
  • To systematically measure, evaluate, control and improve the HSE performance of the company.
  • Promote programs to improve the health of employees, the safety of workers and the quality of the environment.
  • To ensure the personal and permanent commitment of all employees to the principles listed in this policy statement.
  • Strengthening the involvement of employees by consulting and participation in EHS related matters.
  • Review this policy statement at least every 3 years.

AppliTek keeps this policy in accordance with the Environment, Health and Safety Policy of Danaher.