Analyzer system integration

Analyzer system integration: a track record of 30+ years of successful analyzer projects, made in Belgium

Analyzer system integration

Specialist manufacturer of process analyzers and monitoring systems, AppliTek has expanded gradually its capabilities towards complex analytical projects and process analytical systems. As a result, AppliTek’s analyzer system integration division designs, engineers and constructs on-line monitoring systems, from liquid analysis systems to complex analyzer shelters.

AppliTek provides a comprehensive range of process analyzers and engineering services for process industries and EPC contractors around the Globe. Through continuous innovation and field experience, AppliTek is able to supply the most advanced analytical technology designed for 24/7 measurements in your process. Analytical solutions can range from single analyzer racks, sample preconditioning and filtration systems to complete analyzer shelters with all necessary utilities, if necessary explosion proof.

Services include concept and detail engineering, design and manufacturing, and commissioning of bespoke advanced analyzer systems. In addition, AppliTek’s engineering department has specialist manpower at disposal for managing the following tasks:

  • In-house customer & product training
  • Basic & Detail engineering
  • CAD Expert team
  • Explosion Proof (ATEX/NEC) expert team
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Tailor made analytical solutions in liquid and gas process monitoring are the key to higher production efficiency, enhanced safety and environmental compliance. While analyzer system integration is AppliTek’s specialty, the starting point of each project is our analytical expertise. AppliTek has a track record of more than 30+ years in the analytical business thanks to an extensive experience in most analytical techniques.

In the course of the last decades AppliTek has built a strong reputation with both end users and EPC contractors, delivering process analytical systems to some of the major players in the chemical, refining and pulp & paper industries. AppliTek’s analytical expertise also covers a wide spectrum of routine and exotic applications in water quality analysis for the water treatment industry and environmental protection agencies.