Process monitoring

Process monitoring: manufacturers need advanced sensors and analyzers to streamline processes

Analyzer system integration

Manufacturing industries ranging from the chemical industry, refining but also food & beverage and pulp & paper are increasingly adopting new sensors and analyzer technologies to streamline processes, to improve quality control and to save on energy.

Process monitoring, in this context, is the systematic observation of chemical, biological or physical process variables by means of sensors, meters and/or process analyzers, sometimes occurring in a central control room. Process monitoring detecting faults, warning for calamities and determining the root causes of these is essential for the production of end products with consistent quality at optimum efficiency.

Since 1985 AppliTek has been a trusted resource for analytical technology and instrumentation packages allowing customers to take control over production processes, water quality and raw material consumption. Once the critical process parameters have been defined, we can offer an on-line monitoring or in-line monitoring system that can be used in a control system for adjusting critical process attributes.

Tailor made analytical solutions in liquid and gas applications are the key to higher production efficiency, enhanced safety and environmental compliance. AppliTek’s analyzer system integration division provides a comprehensive range of process analyzers and engineering services for process industries and EPC contractors around the Globe. Analytical solutions can range from single analyzer racks, sample preconditioning and filtration systems to complete analyzer shelters with all necessary utilities, if necessary explosion proof.

Every day companies and authorities rely on AppliTek monitoring systems to monitor and control their assets and operations, including the following application fields:

  • Process analyzers for amine gas treatment
  • Process analyzers for anaerobic digestion
  • Process analyzers for bleach production
  • Process analyzers for boiler feed water
  • Process analyzers for wet scrubber control
  • Process analyzers for chlorine electrolysis
  • Process analyzers for water disinfection
  • Process analyzers for fuel blending
  • Process analyzers for HCl synthesis
  • Process analyzers for Kraft paper production
  • Process analyzers for LPG production
  • Process analyzers for ore processing
  • Process analyzers for reverse osmosis