Water quality analysis

On-line water quality analysis contributes to smart water management

Analyzer system integration

AppliTek and Hach are specialist manufacturers of on-line water analyzers for various sectors and customers, including environmental protection agencies and wastewater treatment companies. Our analytical technology allows automatic and continuous monitoring of the quality and chemistry of water sources. This approach is radically different from current time-consuming and static laboratory measurements that are widely used, at the expense of smart water management or even environmental compliance.

Water types have been classified in to a number of broad categories, such as wastewater, surface water, drinking water and process water. All these types of water are characterized by a specific matrix, according to their specific composition and origin. Some of these matrices are particularly challenging to analyze due to the complexity of their composition, and require appropriate and rugged analytical solutions. With a track record of more than 30 years in the analytical business, AppliTek developed what is probably one of the widest portfolios of water analyzers for water quality analysis. An extensive experience in most analytical techniques helps to cover a myriad of applications, resulting in successful analyzer projects.

The list below gives an overview of our portfolio for automatic, on-line water quality analysis:

  • On-line water analyzers for drinking water
  • On-line water analyzers for wastewater
  • On-line water analyzers for boiler feed water and condensate
  • On-line water analyzers and early warning systems for surface water
  • On-line water analyzers for ground water

In addition to the development of analyzers, AppliTek has expanded its expertise towards complex analytical projects. AppliTek’s analyzer system integration division designs, engineers and constructs on-line monitoring systems, from liquid analysis systems to complex analyzer shelters. Our river monitoring station is a special kind of analyzer shelter for addressing the needs of customers wishing to monitor a complex set of chemical or biological parameters on water bodies, in a single integrated stand-alone system combining water analyzers and filtration systems.