Euro Chlor 2022

Euro Chlor 2022

The 11th Euro Chlor International Chlorine Technology Conference and Exhibition took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 3–5 May 2022. Two years later than originally planned it felt wonderful to be able to meet in person again and welcoming you to our booth.

View of the Hach AppliTek booth at EuroChlor
Michal Boruta (right), member of the Polish Hach team, joined Thibaut Bettini at the booth.

The “1, 2, 3 Must have online analyzer systems in Chlorine production” were introduced to the attendees in a presentation by AppliTek’s Chris du Bois:

View of the presenter's stage at EuroChlor Conference
  • Online monitoring of brine quality with EZ-Brine for Calcium and Magnesium at ppm/ppb level
  • Online monitoring of Hydrogen in hot/wet Chlorine or in dry Chlorine with EZ-Alert
  • Online monitoring of moisture in dry Chlorine with EZ-Moist

Interested in learning more about these solutions for the Chlorine Industry?