EZ-ATP: on-line monitoring of bacterial and pathogen load in water

EZ-ATP: on-line monitoring of bacterial and pathogen load in water

Responding to the increased need for real-time data on water quality and safety, AppliTek took the challenge to design the first commercially available microbiology analyzer using the ATP “firefly assay”: the EZ-ATP® On-line Microbiology Analyzer.

Current microbiological standards are still based on time-consuming laboratory methods such as heteretrophic plate count (HPC), which have been used for many years to measure the total microbial population in water samples. Manual samples are typically processed in laboratory with a multi-step procedure prone to errors such as handling, contamination and even fraud. Hence the need for real-time water quality data, especially in the area of drinking water safety, has established new interest in the use of ATP bioluminescence.

EZ-ATP® is capable of measuring the total ATP portions of any type of bacterial microorganism present in the water sample, such as fecal coliforms (E. coli), sulphate reducing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, Legionella… The analyzer can be used in various application fields where sudden changes in bacterial and pathogen levels are critical, or need to be monitored against biocide programs:

  • Drinking water and bottling
  • Raw water intake
  • Industrial cooling systems
  • Data center HVAC
  • Desalination and RO demineralization

For more information and technical data, please visit the respective Hach product page.

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