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EZ-VFA AnaSense™

Anaerobic Control Analyzer

AnaSense™ is an on-line analyzer system designed specifically for monitoring anaerobic digesters, bringing the possibility of implementing new control alternatives to typical operating problems in anaerobic processes in mid to large scale digesters.

The primary process parameter that can be measured is total volatile fatty acids (VFA). VFA levels directly represent the metabolic condition of the anaerobic digester and respond quickly to stress induced changes. Other critical process parameters are: bicarbonate, alkalinity (partial and total) and optionally ammonia.


Anaerobic digesters require critical parameter monitoring in order to obtain optimal production efficiency, compliance and biogas yield. However, due to the expensive or time-consuming character of most analysis methods for anaerobic digestion, industrial digesters are usually not extensively monitored and continuous measurement of a few parameters is used, such as pH and gas flow. This is the reason why the loading rate of the digester has to be kept relatively low for safety precautions.

Keeping the loading rate low is also a consequence of the inherent risk of digester failure due to “overfeeding”. Critical parameter monitoring allows to maintain a higher process set point without the risk of calamities due to an accumulation of the fatty acids. Operators sometimes experience too late that a single batch of commercially available granular sludge can be much more expensive than the purchase of an on-line analyzer. In this respect, AnaSense™ offers a viable return on investment for AD operators.

AnaSense™ is also known as the EZ7200 Series and available worldwide through your local Hach team.


Please visit the Hach.com website to download the detailed datasheet.

Product type: Online water analyzers, Process analyzers

Measuring technology: Titration

Type of application process: Anaerobic digestion

Industries: Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Wastewater, Water treatment