Composition of vent gases


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    Composition of vent gases

    Monitoring the vent gases of the oxychlorination reactor can be used to quantify its exact composition and allows to control emissions before further processing by scrubbers or absorbers. Levels of EDC, N2, CO2, CO, ethane, methane and ethylene are measured by means of an on-line chromatograph installed in an analyzer shelter.


    Typical measuring ranges

    0 – 100%vol N2

    0 – 20%vol CO

    0 – 50%vol CO2

    0 – 20%vol 1.2-EDC

    0 – 5%vol Ethane

    0 – 10%vol Ethylene

    0 – 1%vol Methane

    0 – 10%vol O2

    0 – 5%vol H2

    Product type: Process analyzers

    Type of application process: Gases (process), Oxychlorination (EDC)

    Industries: EDC-VCM