EnviroLyzer™ ISE


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EnviroLyzer™ ISE

Series of On-line ISE Analyzers

The EnviroLyzer™ ISE Series are water analyzers designed for a specific set of water applications where ion-selective electrodes are the preferred analytical technique. Contrary to separate electrodes, the ISE Series allow to perform measurements in batch. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination, reduces consumption of specific reagents and enhances control over conversion of ion activity to electric potential:

  • Automatic, precise and reproducible ion-selective measurements
  • Standard smart automatic features
  • Standard 4 – 20 mA signal output with alarm processing
  • Optionally multiple stream analysis

Companies and authorities often perceive management of the quantity and quality of water resources as challenging. On-line monitoring helps them to measure quickly and effectively all the relevant parameters in the water, whether it comes from a natural source or an industrial site. The EnviroLyzer™ Series are the perfect solution for monitoring applications in wastewater, boiler feed water, surface water and drinking water.

Similar to the colorimetric EnviroLyzer™ Series, the EnviroLyzer™ ISE Series are equipped with a compact dust- and splash-proof analyzer enclosure consisting of a powder coated steel back, combined with an ergonomic ABS hinged part.

The EnviroLyzer™ ISE is also known as the Hach EZ3000/3500 Series and available worldwide through your local Hach team.

Please visit the Hach.com website to download detailed datasheets.