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On-line Microbiology Analyzer

The EZ-ATP™ monitors total bacterial and pathogen load in water by measuring portions of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) of any type of bacterial microorganism present in the water sample. These may include fecal coliforms such as E. coli, sulphate reducing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria or Legionella. The analyzer can be used as an Early Warning System in various applications with focus on water safety, when high ATP values indicate a potential risk in surpassing a threshold value of microorganisms in the past or in the near future.

Contrary to commonly available manual or semi-automated methods, EZ-ATP™ quantifies different ATP portions, providing operators data on:

  • Extracellular ATP or free ATP, representing the portion of ATP released by dead cells
  • Total ATP
  • Intracellular ATP, representing the portion of ATP from the metabolism of living microorganisms

The EZ-ATP™ is intended to be used as an automatic on-line analyzer to assess microbial contamination in a production area or treatment facility where the sample is presented to the analyzer from a pressurized line.

However, the instrument also has an internal sampling pump allowing the user to present a grab sample to be analyzed in a laboratory setup. This can be used as an alternative for the on-line configuration in the field, allowing operators to analyze samples taken from a different location or the analyzer can be used as a benchtop instrument in a laboratory environment.


The perceived need for more rapid and reliable methods for measuring water quality, especially in the area of drinking water safety, has established new interest in the use of the ATP chemiluminescence. In a process environment, or for any process where the microbiological water quality is critical, corrective actions depend on timely data. Traditional plate counting methods take days for results to become available and this may be further increased by laboratory reporting times. The EZ-ATP™ On-line Microbiology Analyzer presents a unique alternative to current analysis procedures, taking the standard ASTM test method a step further.

The EZ-ATP™ is also known as the EZ7300 Series and available worldwide through your local Hach team.

Please visit the Hach.com website to download the detailed datasheet.