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Self-cleaning Filtration System

The EZ-Size™ is an entry-level filtration system equipped with many features: self-cleaning, various pore sizes and many mounting possibilities. The filtration system is suited for handling all sorts of wastewater and industrial effluents.

Available pore sizes:

  • 50 micron
  • 100 micron
  • 200 micron

Reduced maintenance
All AppliTek filtration and preconditioning systems are designed for fully automatic operation and require virtually no human intervention. Basically all systems are incorporated with a blow-back action by instrument air. This fundamental design principle does not merely allow trouble-free sampling, moreover it contributes to high up-times. The design and choice of materials of our systems is second to none and make them ideal to be used in many applications, even for non-AppliTek analyzers.

The EZ-Size™ is also known as the Hach EZ9010/9020 Series and available worldwide through your local Hach team.

Self-cleaning filtration system by means of instrument air (blowback)

Working in fast loop (to be provided on-site)

Stainless steel filter element, available in several pore sizes

Static Pressure Regulator provides a constant, readily available sample level

Provided with a filtration pump unit

Automatic, blowback by solenoid controlled instrument air

Available pore sizes
50, 100, 200 µm

Required fast loop
2 m/s

Sample flow
25 – 35 ml/min

Maximum temperature
80° C (176° F)

Power consumption
24 VDC / 8 W

Instrument air
Dry & oil free according to ISA S7.0.01-1996 quality standard

Product type: Filtration systems

Type of application process: Wastewater treatment, Water intake, Water reuse