Maritime Scrubber Monitoring

Online monitoring of exhaust gas cleaning helps ensure environmental compliance

Image of a container ship

AppliTek and Hach are specialist manufacturers of on-line water analyzers, additionally AppliTek has a long track record of successfully engineering complete integrated systems. With the 2020 IMO SOx regulations moving global sulfur limit to 0.50% m/m (mass/mass), ship owners require maximum uptime for additional analytical equipment. With insufficient water analysis experts on staff, ship owners need to partner with a vendor that can offer proven reliability of products and expert service on a global scale.
Working with a vendor not well-versed in water analytics, or a vendor without a global footprint that has the resources to scale to your needs can result in downtime, a risk of fines and an impact on the environment.

Together AppliTek and Hach developed maritime scrubber monitoring solutions that are designed to be user-friendly, and flexible for tight ship spaces. With an IP54 rating, the fiberglass cabinets provide great protection and eliminate the possibility of corrosion. Numerous configurations are available, with or without a pump and de-bubbler, so you can be confident to get a solution for your specific need. 

We understand the importance of compliance and our instrumentation helps you meet ever-changing IMO regulatory requirements, ensuring maximum uptime. We take pride in receiving class approval certifications from the following organizations: DNV-GL, ABS, ClassNK, Japanese Government, and Korean Register. (Certifications may be pending final reviews and certifications with certain Maritime Societies.)


  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity

Our maritime scrubber monitoring solutions are available worldwide through your local Hach team.