Determination of Oxygen in Dry Chlorine


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    Determination of Oxygen in Dry Chlorine

    Levels of oxygen in dry chlorine in hydrochloric acid synthesis are monitored by means of an on-line analyzer system that can be equipped with two different measuring technologies: Alternating Pressure Paramagnetic or Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) analyzer system.

    Hydrochloric acid or HCl is one of the primary products of the chlor-alkali industry and commonly produced by the exothermic reaction of hydrogen and chlorine inside a burner. With increasing concerns over safety and efficiency in the chlorine manufacturing processes, AppliTek has investigated the use of proprietary on-line analyzer systems to monitor and control HCl synthesis. Each of these on-line analyzer systems has been selected to control a specific part of the burner, by using techniques such as multi-wavelength infrared, thermal conductivity and wet-chemical liquid analysis.

    Other applications in chlorine gas feed to the HCl burner

    • On-line hydrogen in dry chlorine by multi-wavelength IR analyzer system
    • On-line chlorine in dry chlorine by multi-wavelength UV analyzer system

    Typical measuring ranges

    0 – 25%vol O2 in dry chlorine

    Parameters: Oxygen

    Product type: Process analyzers

    Type of application process: Gases (process), HCl synthesis, Hydrochloric acid

    Industries: Chlor-alkali