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Determination of Chlorine in Hydrochloric Acid

Chlorine levels in liquid hydrochloric acid (HCl) are precisely and safely monitored by means of AppliTek's EZ-HCl™ proce...

EZ-Autocal™ pH

Ex situ pH Metering

The EZ-AutoCal™ pH assures fully automatic, accurate and reproducible pH measurements in a myriad of liquid applications where operators need to con...
Ex situ measurement: pH is determined outside the process in tightly controlled conditions.
Smart features: automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration, automatic cleaning.

Fast Determination of Oxygen in Dry Chlorine

The purpose of fast determination of oxygen in dry chlorine is to verify the chlorine oxygen specifications, as well as to keep control of the oxygen-chlorine-ethylene explosion tr...

Best Available Technology (BAT) by US Clean Air Act/Clean Water Act, European directive 96/61/EC.