Determination of Oxygen in Hydrogen Outlet


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    Determination of Oxygen in Hydrogen Outlet

    The determination of oxygen in hydrogen is a safety critical measurement to keep the hydrogen mixture below explosion limits during chlorine electrolysis. AppliTek’s analyzer system is engineered to detect oxygen in an early stage and safeguard the compression process, with a small footprint allowing easy integration in any production site.


    Hydrogen leaving electrolysis cells is highly concentrated and normally cooled to remove traces of water vapour, sodium hydroxide and salt. Compressed hydrogen can either be used for on-site energy production or by another company that purchases it as a fuel or chemical feedstock. In order to control flammability hazards at higher pressures, the hydrogen outlet should be monitored for oxygen content and allow compression to shut down automatically in critical situations.

    Early warning system for oxygen detection in hydrogen

    Protection of chlorine plant against hydrogen explosion incidents

    Control of the gas composition in order to keep within the flammability limits

    Typical measuring ranges    
    0 – 10 vol%

    Analysis method – Detection
    Electrochemical cell

    Parameters: Oxygen

    Product type: Process analyzers

    Type of application process: Chlorine electrolysis, Gases (process)

    Industries: Chlor-alkali