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EZ-Autocal™ pH

Ex situ pH Metering

The EZ-AutoCal™ pH assures fully automatic, accurate and reproducible pH measurements in a myriad of liquid applications where operators need to conduct routine measurements on a daily or even hourly basis. The analyzer performs measurements out of the process (ex situ) and batchwise, meaning that once the measurement is done and analysis results are recorded, the analyzer will immediately start the next cycle on a new sample. Pretreatment of the sample, flushing and cleaning steps are included in the analysis time.

Automatic 2-point calibration comes standard with the EZ-AutoCal™ pH and is the ideal way to guarantee consistent accuracy throughout the lifetime of the electrode. Since pH electrodes are temperature sensitive, the analyzer is also equipped with automatic temperature compensation to receive a correct pH based on the temperature of the solution. During automatic calibration sequence, the temperature of the buffer will be measured prior to calibration to use the correct values.


Plant operators are often involved in issues with pH as a critical parameter in environmental compliance, quality assurance and process efficiency. Most pH sensors, however, are installed directly into the process. While this is the best way to do for some samples and processes, under certain conditions this will lead to unreliable and inaccurate results because of the harsh environment. High solid concentration, high ionic strengths, solids and certain chemical reactions during the process will deteriorate the electrode performance. For such situations AppliTek has chosen to take the pH electrode out of the process and to measure in tightly controlled conditions, which is the rationale behind the EZ-AutoCal™ pH.



Ex situ measurement: pH is determined outside the process in tightly controlled conditions

Smart features: automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration, automatic cleaning

Complete separation between electronics and wet part

Up to eight (8) sampling points possible

Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Extended data communication and exchange features

Potentiometric pH measurement

Measuring range
0 – 14

< 0.1 full scale range for standard test solutions

< 0.2 full scale range for standard test solutions

Cycle time
1 cycle/5 minutes

Automatic 2-point, free adjustable sequence


Parameters: pH