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    Calcium and Magnesium in Ultrapurified Brine

    With the introduction of membrane cells in the chlor-alkali industry, brine purity became very critical for optimal operation of electrolytic processes. An upset in the brine purification process, causing a sudden high concentration of calcium and magnesium impurities, can reduce the performance of the membranes and give rise to exorbitant electricity costs. If the impurities continue to increase to a degree that a blockage or damage is immanent, the membranes need to be replaced. The EZ-Brine™ on-line analyzer system monitors precisely and unequivocally calcium and magnesium levels in ultrapurified brine, and enables operators 100% control over brine purity.

    Polyvalent cations such as calcium and magnesium, but also strontium and barium, can damage ion-exchange membranes used for electrolysis applications. Hydroxides of Ca, Sr and Ba precipitate in the carboxylic layer of the membrane and cause mechanical damage (holes) and even formation of blisters. This leads to increases in voltage over the membrane and decreases in current efficiency.

    Other configurations

    The EZ-Brine™ mainframe is also available in the following configurations: calcium and magnesium in ultrapurified brine, calcium and magnesium in prepurified brine, silica in ultrapurified brine, aluminium in ultrapurified brine, active chlorine in depleted brine, metabisulphite in depleted brine, sulphate in depleted brine.


    Guarantees brine purity for proper membrane operation

    Avoid unnecessary early membrane replacement cost by implementing 100%  control

    Avoid high membrane replacement costs

    Avoid shut down (production loss) and labor cost

    Avoid electrical power cost increase


    Typical ranges
    0 – 20 ppb / 0 – 50 ppb / 0 – 100 ppb Ca2+ and Mg2+ (ultrapurified brine)

    Analysis method
    Colorimetric measurement using hydroxynaphthol blue color indicator (HNB) conform ASTM 3500-Ca

    Detection limit
    Approx. 1 ppb Ca2+ and Mg2+ (ultrapurified brine)

    Cycle time
    10 minutes

    Better than ± 1 % full scale range (standard test solutions)

    Parameters: Calcium and magnesium

    Product type: Process analyzers

    Measuring technology: Colorimetry

    Type of application process: Brine preparation

    Industries: Chlor-alkali