Fast Determination of Oxygen in Wet Chlorine


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Fast Determination of Oxygen in Wet Chlorine

The purpose of fast determination of oxygen in wet chlorine is twofold: verification and control of membrane oxygen permeation, as well as to keep control of the oxygen-chlorine-ethylene explosion triangle. The technology behind AppliTek’s analyzer system for the fast determination of oxygen in wet chlorine is qualified as Best Available Technology (BAT) as defined by US Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, as well as European directive 96/61/EC.


In an electrolysis cell, oxygen concentration at the anode side indicates the condition and performance of the membranes. The more the membranes are used, the higher the risk for blockage by impurities in the brine. In case of some blockage, the tension on the electrodes must be increased as to get sufficient electrolysis at the anode. Above a certain value, water is decomposed by formation of O-. The measurement of oxygen in wet chlorine allows optimal condition of the electrolysis process. Moreover, it can also be used as a key value for the chlorine consumer i.e. ethylene dichloride production plant, to keep the explosion triangle oxygen / chlorine / ethylene below explosion limits.

Best Available Technology (BAT) by US Clean Air Act/Clean Water Act, European directive 96/61/EC

Typical measuring ranges  
0 – 25 vol% O2
Other ranges on request.

Analysis method  
Paramagnetic alternating pressure

Detection limit    

Response time    
5 seconds


Parameters: Oxygen

Product type: Process analyzers

Type of application process: Chlorine electrolysis, Gases (process)

Industries: Chlor-alkali