Monitoring Influent Toxicity

Monitoring Influent Toxicity

Complete integrated solution consisting of protective analytical shelter type AS3000 with Toxicity analyser and self-cleaning sample preconditioning panels


Problem: Influent toxicity represents a major risk (inhibition of wastewater biology) to the efficiency of biological treatment plants and can lead to permanent damage.

Solution: The AppliTek Team designed, constructed and delivered a complete integrated solution. All online analyser equipment could be integrated in one protective AnaShell shelter type AS3000 prefabricated and equipped with all necessary equipment, systems. The shelter is delivered as a total with all parts tested prior to shipment.

Benefit: The addition of the online monitoring technology with an EZ Series Toxicity analyser helps protect the wastewater treatment plant’s biomass from toxic substances in the influent. The risk of process failure and resulting discharge compliance violations is mitigated. The analytical shelter enables the customer to install the analyser independent of existing buildings at the optimum sampling point.

Principle of a Toxicity Monitoring Solution

Monitoring Influent Toxicity to protect the WWTP’s Biomass


Outside view of the shelter

AS3000 shelter prior to shipment to the customer site