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Self-cleaning Filtration System

Initially designed for larger travel streams, this classic AppliTek fast loop filtration system already has a long track record of reliabi...
Self-cleaning filtration system by means of instrument air (blowback).
Working in fast loop (to be provided on-site).


Self-cleaning Microfiltration System

Microfiltration is a physical filtration process where a contaminated fluid is passed through a special membrane to separate suspende...
Self-cleaning microfiltration system by means of instrument air (continuous).
High quality polyether sulphone (PES) membrane designed for immersion in a buffer container.


Self-cleaning Filtration System

The EZ-Size™ is an entry-level filtration system equipped with many features from our classic ModuSize™: self-cleaning, various pore s...
Self-cleaning filtration system by means of instrument air (blowback).
Working in fast loop (to be provided on-site).

EZ-Size™ AD

Self-cleaning Filtration System for Anaerobic Digesters

The EZ-Size™ AD is a filtration system developed to make solid-free samples from the liquid fraction of anaerobi...
Sampling-filtration system for anaerobic digesters.
Pneumatically actuated ball valves for sample intake and drain.

Determination of Oxygen in Hydrogen Outlet

The determination of oxygen in hydrogen is a safety critical measurement to keep the hydrogen mixture below explosion limits during chlorine electrolysis. AppliTek's analyzer syste...

Early warning system for oxygen detection in hydrogen.
Protection of chlorine plant against hydrogen explosion incidents.


On-line Toxicity Analyzer

The EZ Series Toxicity analyzer is able to detect and measure wastewater streams that present an acute or chronic toxicity to the biomass of a t...

EZ-VFA AnaSense™

Anaerobic Control Analyzer

AnaSense™ is an on-line analyzer system designed specifically for monitoring anaerobic digesters, bringing the possibility of implementing ne...


On-line Microbiology Analyzer

The EZ-ATP™ monitors total bacterial and pathogen load in water by measuring portions of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) of any type of bacte...