Drinking water

Drinking water

Diseases related to contamination of drinking water constitute a major burden on human health. The manufacturing, processing and distribution of safe water throughout the water cycle will raise the need for efficient monitoring systems detecting in real-time contamination, be it chemical or biological. Infectious diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria and parasites are the most common and widespread health risk associated with drinking-water. A number of chemical contaminants have been shown to cause adverse health effects as a consequence of prolonged exposure through drinking-water, while others may present acute toxicity effects.

According to the guidelines of the WHO, the basic and essential requirements to ensure the safety of drinking-water are a framework for safe drinking-water, comprising health-based targets established by a competent health authority; and last but not least properly managed systems with adequate infrastructure, proper monitoring and effective planning.

AppliTek manufactures on-line, automatic analyzer systems specifically designed for measuring on a continuous base the chemical quality indices and microbial quality of drinking water, from raw water intake up to distribution level. While such a control strategy based on automatic measurements is radically different from current time-consuming and static laboratory measurements that are commonly used, our analytical equipment is an excellent alternative to lab measurements given the excellent levels of detection in compliance with modern standards, and data that can be validated at all time by lab values.

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