Power generation

Power generation

Fundamental changes are evident in the power industry. From a highly regulated and monopolistic industry, it is evolving rapidly into a marketplace defined by increasing competition and deregulation. Technology providers should be in the game allowing power companies to focus on their core business, producing electricity at maximum efficiency.

Large and complex production facilities, modern power generation plants need control strategies to have an overview of all operations in the plant. It is important that an effective monitoring strategy is put in place to minimize the effects of the critical parameters that can jeopardize operating efficiency and component life.

In this respect, Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) have become an essential element in corrosion control and failure prevention. As a specialist manufacturer of on-line water analyzer systems, AppliTek is challenged with offering you the best in industrial grade analytics for water analysis, from stand-alone analyzers to complete industrial monitoring systems. We have been providing complete on-line analyzer packages in several corners of the Globe, from traditional thermal power plants to even hybrid solar power plants.

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