As a specialist manufacturer of analyzer systems, AppliTek is your one-stop-shop for state of the art analytical answers to the specific needs of the chemical industry. Ethylene dichloride (EDC) is a chemical liquid that is not found naturally in the environment, and classified as a hazardous chemical. Process control, as implemented by AppliTek, will significantly increase output, product quality, and decrease production hazards. Environmental compliance is another value-added benefit of the AppliTek technology.

Ethylene dichloride serves as the primary feedstock for the vinyl chloride (VC/VCM) industry. Most EDC plants are integrated with VCM plants, the latter generating considerable quantities of hydrogen chloride (HCl). At this stage of the EDC-VC chain, process monitoring is absolutely necessary to maintain control over the corrosive, hazardous nature of the product, while achieving maximum output efficiency. AppliTek has supplied monitoring systems to both ethylene chlorination and oxychlorination processes.

As a single source supplier, AppliTek takes care of the commissioning of the complete analyzer project. Protective corrosion resistant shelters will be delivered to your site, prefabricated and equipped with all necessary equipment, systems and utilities.

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