As a primary industry, the mining industry faces the needs for optimizing the management of its resources. Exploration and excavation activities should be as efficient as possible. Companies also aim to maintain water resources while at the same time controlling the environmental impact of their activities.

On-line analyzer systems are of great benefit for controlling and improving the efficiency of ore processing. Cyanide leaching is most common in processing gold and silver ores and brings the ore in contact with a specific cyanide solution that will dissolve the desired mineral from its host rock. The precious metals are recovered from the solution by adsorption onto activated carbon, which is then separated from the leached pulp.

On-line analyzer systemss can also be used in sulphuric acid plants in mining sites. Process acid analyzers are installed at the effluent treatment plant of the mining plant to assist the regulation of the neutralization process of the acid water of the gas cleaning process. The biggest benefit of the analyzer is that the required amount of lime milk to feed to the neutralization reactor can be calculated before it is added, which eliminates the trial and error approach of conventional neutralization processes.

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