Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Several on-line monitoring technologies such as non-destructive types have become increasingly important due to the increasing automation and the incorporation of new and more efficient processes in the food industry. Food quality and safety of food are the main points of interest, while adjacent processes such as process water and waste water treatment present new challenges to larger food companies.

Although AppliTek is not involved in food safety, we provide on-line analyzer systems for water analysis and efficient anaerobic watewater treatment.

An overlooked area of operation for small and larger food companies is the adequate treatment and management of boiler water required to produce steam. Conventional boiler chemistry programs often have a trial-and-error approach where chemicals are dosed without knowing the exact effects of dosing. An efficiently managed steam boiler based on data from on-line analyzers allows cutting back on the trinity of operational costs (water, energy, chemicals) without cutting back on overall performance.

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