Increasing regulations and specifications for fuel quality, compliance and the need to detect calamities as quickly as possible underlined the importance of on-line analyzers. Since more than 10 years AppliTek has acquired a considerable expertise in the advice, design and implementation of on-line analyzers and complete monitoring systems in the oil and gas sector.

A growing portfolio of products and turnkey solutions is your key to higher production efficiency, cost control and finally your competitive advantage. New technologies such as Raman spectrometry pave the way to new monitoring systems for quality control and process control, especially for blending processes and quality control of finished products.

AppliTek’s on-line monitoring systems are engineered by specialists with a proven track record in oil processing and refining and know where your expectations lie. A dedicated project team works with each customer through every stage of the project to ensure that the project is delivered according to schedule, and that it meets all key performance indicators.

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